Keep Track of What to Watch

Ever spend an hour searching for the perfect movie to watch? Ever think “my friend recommended that great TV show but I can’t remember the name…”

With all the choices on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Hulu, and more we’re constantly facing choice paralysis about what to watch. Use MyWatchlist to keep track of all those movies and TV shows you’ve been wanting to check out!

So the next time you think “What should I watch?” just look at MyWatchlist for inspiration.


Easy Search

Search for movies and TV shows to add to your watchlist.

To Watch, Watching, and Watched

Organize by marking movies and TV shows as “To Watch”, “Watching”, and “Watched”.


Browse your watchlist using a beautiful gallery view or a concise list view.


Sort your watchlist by date added, alphabetically, release year, My Rating, and date watched.

Add Your Rating and Thoughts

Rate out of five stars and add your comments in “My Notes”.

Cloud Sync

Sync your watchlist across all your favorite devices with a MyWatchlist account.

Movie and TV Show Info

See info like the description, release year, runtime, seasons, genres, trailer, and where to watch!


100% Private. We never share your rating or notes – it’s yours!

Simple and Private
Your Movie and TV Show Companion

Design: simple.
Functionality: essentials.
Clutter: none.
Private: yes.
Cloud Sync: yes.

Designed with simplicity in mind with essential features and no clutter. We never share your watchlist, rating or notes. It’s yours and yours only.